"Instead of wasting limited public resources enforcing constitutionally infirm bills—which would likely result in costly lawsuits—without actually reducing the number of unsheltered homeless, the ACLU strongly encourages the City and County of
Honolulu to reconsider its proposed approach to homelessness. In particular, to meet its constitutional obligations, the County needs to ensure that sufficient and adequate shelter, public bathrooms, and social services exist before moving forward with the proposed bills. Doing so is not only constitutionally required, but it is also moral, cost effective, and good public policy."

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Bill 83 (proposing to criminalize sitting and lying down near public school and libraries): 20171024115130_ACLU_Letter_Bill_83_Sit-Lie_Schools__Libraries_FINAL

Bill 87 (proposing to criminalize sitting and lying down on any public sidewalk): 20171024115320_ACLU_Letter_Bill_87_Sit-Lie_Beyond_Waikiki_FINAL

Bill 88 (proposing to criminalize sitting and lying down in many more Honolulu areas): 20171024115506_ACLU_Letter_Bill_88_Sit-Lie_Beyond_Waikiki_and_Businesses_FINAL