ACLU of Hawaii Speakers Bureau

Fire up the debate! From civil rights issues to the general purpose & history of the ACLU, we offer speakers as diverse as today's headlines, delivered from a non-partisan viewpoint. Talks can be tailored to a wide range of youth and adult audiences. Speakers include members of the ACLU of Hawaii board of directors, staff and other experts on civil liberties.

Booking a Speaker:
Contact the ACLU of Hawaii office: or call (808)522-5900. Please allow 4-8 weeks for scheduling if possible. Rush requests are considered. It may not be possible to fulfill all requests.

Is there a Cost?:
As part of our Public Education program, ACLU of Hawaii speakers are offered at no cost. Donated honoraria are gratefully accepted. The ACLU of Hawaii has speakers on several islands, but travel costs may apply. We will work with you to make the most affordable arrangements.

Choosing a Topic:
The ACLU of Hawaii Speaker's Bureau is ready with many topics, from a  general overview of the Bill of Rights, the ACLU and our work - to a discussion of specific issues. Here are a few ideas. Let us know what subjects are of particular interest, and we will try to provide a speaker.

  • Defending everybody: a history of the ACLU & the ACLU of Hawai'i.
  • "One nation, indivisible": Religious liberty & freedom from government-sponsored religion.
  • Freedom to choose & reproductive rights.
  • Real ID, Privacy and civil rights in the computer age.
  • Employee freedom in the workplace.
  • Lawful protest or civil disobedience?
  • Your rights during a police encounter.
  • Personal privacy under fire: drug testing, lie detectors.
  • Reforming our drug laws.
  • Pornography, sex & censorship.
  • Women: a struggle for equality.
  • Prisoners' rights & prison reform.
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, intergendered, questioning: gender identity & sexuality rights.
  • Sunshine laws, FOIA & access to government records.
  • Banned & suppressed books, films and other media.
  • General civic topics including the balance of power and the rule of law.
  • Safe and free: National Security after 9/11.