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  1. ACLU Complaint Leads to Change in Sand Island Shelter Rules

    October 21, 2015Press releaseDecriminalizing Poverty
  2. Federal Court Orders Hawai‘i County to Suspend Urinalysis for County Employee

    March 16, 2015Press releasePrivacy and Technology
  3. Hawai‘i County Settles Lawsuit Over Pre-Employment Medical Testing

    September 14, 2015Press releasePrivacy and Technology
  4. Dispensary Bill Now Law, Lauded by Advocates

    July 15, 2015Press releaseSmart Justice
  5. Settlement in Hawai‘i County Free Speech Case

    September 14, 2015Press releaseFirst Amendment
  6. New Evidence, New Legal Action Asks Court to Halt City’s Immediate Destruction of Property

    November 4, 2015Press release
  7. City and County of Honolulu Sued Over Homeless Sweeps

    September 16, 2015Press releaseDecriminalizing Poverty, Immigrants' Rights
  8. Court Order Requires City to Follow Law: Impound, Not Destroy, Property Seized in Sweeps

    November 19, 2015Press releaseDecriminalizing Poverty